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We, the employees, students, parents and community of Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. have a vision that each student will become a productive, competitive, and contributing member of the diverse society in which they will live.


It is the philosophy of the residential life program that every resident, employee, and guest, possesses the right to reside within the safe and healthy living environment that is conductive to motivating and supporting the personal, social, mental, and spiritual growth and development of its residents. It is the ethical responsibility of the entire residential living community to protect and promote the values underlying this principle and to participate in creating, developing, and exhibiting the positive attitude necessary in creating a homelike atmosphere with the foremost care and concern of the students within every action demonstrated and taken within the residential community.





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“The mission of the Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. is to provide a strong and healthy life skills foundation for all residential students through a positive residential like experience of a quality home-life educational environment, which will enable them to recognize positive choices, make wise and informed decisions, and upon graduation, become a motivated life-long learner with choices to obtain a post-secondary education or secure a career of their choice.”