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Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.

Join our WRHI Team!

WINSLOW RESIDENTIAL HALL, Inc. ("WRHI") is seeking professional, dependable, reliable, and positive individuals to educate and prepare our Native American students, grades 7th through 12th. Great Benefits that include 401(K), Short Term Disability, Life insurance, Medical, Dental, and Vision plans.                                  


POSITIONS                                                                             EMPLOYMENT                                CLOSING DATE      

Homeliving Supervisor                                                           12 month Exempt                                           OUF                         

Counselor                                                                                 10 month Exempt                                           OUF

Residential Academic Advisors                                             10 month Non-Exempt                                  OUF

Bus Driver                                                                                 10 month Non-Exempt                                   OUF

21st Century Coordinator - Part Time                                  10 month Non-Exempt                                   OUF                          Certified Academic Tutor (2-hours per day)                         10 month Non-Exempt                                  OUF

Certified Nursing Assistant                                                    10 month Non-Exempt                                   OUF
Janitor                                                                                       10 month Non-Exempt                                   OUF
Assistant Cook                                                                         10 month Non-Exempt                                   OUF



To be considered for this position, you must meet all requirements.
The following must be included with a WRHI Employment Application 
    1. Completed WRHI Employment Application, that is signed, dated, and notarized;
    2. Copy of valid/current driver's license;
    3. Certificate of Indian blood (Navajo Preference in Employment Act is applicable).

    4. Official high school diploma, GED, college degree and transcripts

    5. Copy of license, certifications, and/or credentials required for position. 
    6. Completion of successful background check. Background checks will be performed after interview selection

         (at potential employees own expense; MONEY ORDER ONLY).
               - Federal ($45.00), State ($18.93), and Tribal ($15.90);
               - Federal and State, money order will need to be made out to Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.
               - Tribal, money order made out to Navajo Nation Police Department


 Winslow Residential Hall, Inc., complies with the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA). Winslow Residential Hall, Inc., gives preference in employment to qualified applicants who are enrolled members of the Navajo Nation tribe and, in certain cases, spouses of enrolled members of the Navajo Nation.

For submission of applications and inquires please contact WRHI Human Resources office at (928)289-4488 ext. 110.

WRHI P.L. 100-297 Tribally Controlled School Act Facility