Sophia Francis, Board President

My name is Sophia Francis.  I am elected as Winslow Residential Hall, school board from my community of Teesto and elected as the Teesto Chapter official Secretary/Treasurer.  I am representing my students and parents of Teesto.  I have minimal education after high school, but I do have a background in accounting.  I worked with women, infant, and children for six years under the Navajo Nation and I  provided nutritional information to the surrounding communities.

My son attended Winslow High School and he resided at Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. for four years.  I wanted to be part of the decision making to express and share my concerns regarding  our students' academic and safety, and mostly teaching our students' responsibilities on taking care of themselves, their residential hall home setting, and to treat them with kindness and respect.  Our students provide funding each school year with their attendance during count week, so as parents we are stake holders.

WRHI Board of Directors

Winslow Residential Hall, Inc., Board of Directors is comprised of four elected members, who represent various areas upon the Navajo Nation.

Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.

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