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Sophia Francis, Board Secretary

My name is Sophia Francis.  I am elected as Winslow Residential Hall, school board from my community of Teesto and elected as the Teesto Chapter official Secretary/Treasurer.  I am representing my students and parents of Teesto.  I have minimal education after high school, but I do have a background in accounting.  I worked with women, infant, and children for six years under the Navajo Nation and I  provided nutritional information to the surrounding communities.

My son attended Winslow High School and he resided at Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. for four years.  I wanted to be part of the decision making to express and share my concerns regarding  our students' academic and safety, and mostly teaching our students' responsibilities on taking care of themselves, their residential hall home setting, and to treat them with kindness and respect.  Our students provide funding each school year with their attendance during count week, so as parents we are stake holders.

WRHI Board of Directors

Winslow Residential Hall, Inc., Board of Directors is comprised of four elected members, who represent various areas upon the Navajo Nation.

Robert Chee, Board Vice-President

My name is Robert Chee from Leupp, Navajo Nation, Arizona.  As a child, I was resided in Fort Thomas, Arizona and graduated from Fort Thomas High School.  To further my education, I continued at Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I received my Bachelor of Science in Theology.

For work experience, I was employed as a Counselor Technician with Navajo County Community Counseling Center in Winslow, Arizona.  I also worked at a Residential Manager for the following residential programs:  Leupp Schools, Inc., Winslow Residential Hall, Inc., Kinlani Bordertown Dormitory, and Tsiyaakin Residential Hall.  Later, I was employed as a Student Services Manager at Greasewood Springs Community School.

Currently, I am serving my as Board Vice President at Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 @3:00pm

Delores Curley, Board President

My name is Delores Curley, generally go by Dee. I was born and raised in Tsidi To'ii community. I still reside there. I am of Biihbitoodnii clan, born for Tlashcheei, shi cheii is Ozei Asheii; shi nali, Nakai Dine'ii. My five children, 4 young men & 1 young lady; 7 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. 

I have worked as a special education teacher for 30 years, with 20 years of doing the teaching & special education program coordinator, at Leupp Schools, Inc. I enjoyed my job. I retired from that job in 2016, shortly after the death of my son, Ham. 

My education comes from various sources: working with the local community leaders, committees, chapter secretary/treasurer for 7 years, NPC in Early Childhood Development, minor in Business, NAU for dual major in elementary school education/special education, graduate studies in special education with emphasis in learning disabilities/reading disabilities, with bilingual multicultural studies. Most of my learning come from the elders with traditional teachings, leaders I have worked with & my students & my children.

My goal as a school board member is to be an advocate for students with special needs, be the voice for my community, parents, students, and staff to promote a well rounded education for all students, to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students & staff. My involvement with school board is new so I will be learning as I get familiarized with the roles and responsibilities of my work as a school board member. I am excited in my new role. 

My favorite past-time is reading. I love reading mystery, suspense, Danielle Steele series, or romantically flavored stories, Tony Hillerman novels, Alexie Sherman books, Dine' stories, especially the love stories embedded with the Long Walk, written by Evangeline Parson-Yazzie. I also enjoy National Geographic magazines. 

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