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Our Mission
“The mission of the Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. is to provide a strong and healthy life skills foundation for all residential students through a positive residential like experience of a quality home-life educational environment, which will enable them to recognize positive choices, make wise and informed decisions, and upon graduation, become a motivated life-long learner with choices to obtain a post-secondary education or secure a career of their choice.”

WRHI Student Enrollment Information

ALL new and returning students must submit a completed application for SY 2021-2022. 

Parents or legal guardians are to complete all parts of the enrollment application.  Also, in order for a student's enrollment application to be approved, the student must meet the following requirements:  

  •  Student must be enrolled at Winslow High School or Junior High full time and provide a class schedule prior to the approval of residency;
  • All new and returning students must have maintained a 2.5 G.P.A. accumulative or above at their previous school;
  •  All returning and new students must have an acceptable WRHI and school attendance rate (No more than 10 days of absence);
  •  All students including seniors must be enrolled as a full time student to reside at Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.  If a student is dropped from a class at Winslow High School, Jr. High or Northland Pioneer College and falls below the class schedule requirements;
  • Students may enroll up to the age of 20 (students with IEP), may be accepted, and will be subjected to the same policies and procedures of WRHI Student Handbook.  Any student that enrolls at the age of 18 or above must sign a waiver of consent.  If a student turns 18 years of age, they are not allowed to check themselves out;
  • Students on juvenile probation will not be accepted for enrollment if a student is reported and found to be on juvenile probation, the student will be automatically withdrawn.
  • Any returning students who were on student contract must be pre-approved by the Winslow Residential prior to re-enrollment.  Students that did not complete the student contract may not be accepted. Behavior file will be reviewed by a review by Winslow Residential prior to admission;
  •  Students are required to be present at school and Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. for Student Count Week;
  • Students with special needs will be considered for enrollment upon review of their medical history.  If enrolled, the staff must be aware of all medications and issues/problems that may arise in an emergency.

​Lastly,  If a student does not maintain requirements, student may be release from Winslow Residential Hall, Inc.

Please submit applications Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST