Activities & Recreation

The purpose of the recreational activities is to provide educational opportunities and enhance positive behavior through extracurricular activities.

 I am Isabel Sarah Britton. This is my third year with Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. (WRHI) I am honored to be the Homeliving Supervisor for WRHI. I am originally from Keams Canyon, AZ however presently I reside in Winslow, AZ. I am half Navajo and half Tewa. My maternal clans are Kiyaa’ aanii (Towering House Clan) and Ta’chii’ nii (Red Running Into the Water). My paternal clan is Kachina. I attended elementary school at Keams Canyon Boarding School and secondary school at Winslow Unified School District. Therefore I am an alumna from Winslow Unified School District and Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. I have four children whom are adults now and six grandchildren. I graduated with a Master Degree with an emphasis in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University. I taught at Pinion, AZ for a couple of years after receiving my degree. It is my belief that furthering Education is a tool in today’s society. It is my belief we learn something every day of our life. I am blessed to work with Native American students at Winslow Residential Hall, Inc. and also in the Community of Winslow, AZ.


-  Student Council                                                - Roping

-  UNITY                                                                -  Hacky Sack

-  Sources of Strength                                         -  Music
Becoming a well-rounded individual involves exploring new areas of interest, meeting and learning to work cooperatively with

other people and finding new ways to better the campus.

Residential Guidance

The goal and objective for WRHI is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the students, while supporting and encouraging them to achieve successful academics and personal development.

Counseling Services

WRHI offers counseling services to enhance student growth in personal and social counseling: prevention, intervention and referral basis; working with aggressive students who bully others; and working with victims of aggression (bullied). Counseling services are on Sunday-Thursday from 2:00PM-9:00PM  by Maybelle Cody-McCabe, Certified Behavioral Counselor.

Winslow Residential Hall Programs

WRHI programs and activities are planned to promote socialization, cultural awareness, good health and safety practices, and life learning experiences.

Academic Tutoring

Learning Center equipped with computers, printers, reference materials, Internet access, and tutors.

Language and Culture

To produce students with a strong and stable self-identity and self-worth with an experienced personal well-being.